Christmas gifts for boys aged 6 to 13: play equipment, karting, gadgets and more …


10 December 2021, 12:19 | Updated: December 10, 2021, 12:27

We have some brilliant gift ideas for boys to buy.

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Stuck for ideas on what to buy from your son, nephew or other little man in your life? Our 2021 Christmas gift guide brings together some of the best gift ideas for boys ages 6-13 …

Dinosaur mold and paint

This kit will keep them entertained for hours

This kit will keep them entertained for hours.


Design 12 dinosaurs straight out of the Jurassic era; choose triceratops, stegosaurs or even a spooky T-Rex and turn them into fun magnets or badges!

Glow-in-the-dark paint means they’ll be able to admire their work even while they doze off.

Or buy:, £ 12.99

Buff Kids Knitted Kat

This cute hat will delight boys of all ages

This cute hat will delight boys of all ages.

Photo: Charles Clinkard

This adorable bear beanie with ears is perfect for kids, and as the weather seems to get colder by the day, the cozy beanie will be used and enjoyed right away!

It is made of acrylic and is one size fits all.

Or buy: Charles Clinkard, £ 16.95

KLIKBOT animation studio

Using the free StikBot Studio mobile app, kids can send their KLIKBOT figures on all kinds of amazing adventures, then share the videos with friends online and offline.

The Zanimation kit includes a KLIKBOT figure and a vehicle that transforms from a runner to a rocket glider.

With interchangeable parts, articulated limbs and accessories, your KLIKBOT is ready to travel the universe and experience all the adventures you can imagine!

The green / blue screen allows kids to upload their own background images or use the backgrounds included in the app, and to help with filming, the kit includes a phone tripod.

Or buy: Brilliant Minds, £ 17.99

Gaming keyboard and mouse

This kit contains everything a serious gamer needs in one box

This kit contains everything a serious gamer needs in one box.

Image: Confidence

If you have a small gamer to buy, ignore the urge to spend your hard earned money on Robux and offer them something that they will use all the time.

This Trust 4-in-1 gaming set has everything they need to create a complete gaming setup – a comfortable headset with built-in microphone, illuminated keyboard, optical mouse, and non-slip mouse pad.

They work with PCs, laptops, and PlayStation or Xbox consoles and are ready to plug in and play.

Or buy: Smyths, £ 49.99

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Crazy cart change

Kids ages 6 and up of all skill levels will love driving, turning and drifting on this new vehicle from Razor, the UK’s # 1 brand in wheeled action sports.

Adults can rest assured that safety is paramount, and a hidden top speed control switch allows parents to select the appropriate top speed for their child from 2.5 mph for beginners and young drivers or 8 mph for the full Crazy Cart Shift experience.

Its lightweight yet rugged frame is powered by Razor’s Power Core hub motor technology and a rechargeable 12V sealed lead-acid battery. In addition, its streamlined fin system automatically engages the tail fins so riders can keep the two hands on the wheel at all times while focusing on steering and throttle control – just like the pros!

Or buy: Argos, £ 249

Retro popcorn machine

This popcorn maker will be useful for movie nights or just going out after school

This popcorn maker will be useful for movie nights or just going out after school.

Photo: Von Haus

This retro popcorn maker features six cinema style popcorn boxes with vintage style design and hot air circulation system.

It has everything you need to take the movies right to your couch or grab a bite to eat while playing Xbox with friends.

Or buy: Von Haus, £ 24.99

Banjo Robinson subscription

Several gift packages are available

Several gift packages are available.

Image: Banjo Robinson

Spark the love of writing with this brilliant subscription service where kids receive regular letters from a friendly cat called Banjo Robinson, sparkling a love for reading and writing that will last a lifetime.

Intended for children aged 5 and over, they will receive personalized letters by mail from him informing them of his globetrotting adventures!

There is also a 2022 Banjo Robinson themed journal for kids to complete throughout the year.

Or buy: Banjo Robinson, prices start from £ 15.99

Xplora XGO2 Android Smart Watch for Kids

The Xplora XGO2 is an affordable, GDPR-compliant first phone for kids ages 5 to 12 – with no social media functionality and no “school mode”.

Running on Android 4.4 with a 1.4 “capacitive touchscreen color LCD, kids can make and receive voice calls only from pre-recorded numbers (approved on a parent’s app), so they can communicate with their friends or family only.

It has a GPS tracker, pedometer, 0.3 megapixel camera and 4GB of storage and as well as many features designed to keep children safe while online, one button away. Emergency SOS can be pressed by the child if necessary and will notify his emergency contacts of their location.

And, last but not least, it’s a digital watch!

Or buy: Amazon, £ 89.99

SpyX wrist talkies

Kids will love playing James Bond with these wrist walkie talkies

Kids will love playing James Bond with these wrist walkie talkies.

Image: Spy X

SpyX Wrist Talkies allows you to talk to other agents even when you are on the go (or in the garden or elsewhere in the house!).

These hands-free walkie talkies are disguised as digital watches and have a range of up to 60m.

Talk live via the push-to-talk button using the built-in microphone and speaker or send a message in Morse code.

Where to buy: Amazon, £ 18.99

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