Best Gaming PC Built under Rs. 70,000 – July 2021 (AMD Edition)


PC versions of gaming start to get interesting once you get into the Rs. 70,000 price ranges, so many doors open with a bigger budget. But, the coronavirus pandemic has seriously affected component prices, especially in the GPU and CPU departments.

With inflated prices due to supply shortages from the global pandemic, some components on this list are likely to be priced sky-high. For a bit of fair play, I took into account the retail price and the usual market price of the components in this version.

So let’s get started!

AMD Ryzen 5 3600

AMD processors have become very capable and are easily the go-to choice for laymen and enthusiasts alike. The Ryzen 5 3600 is a proven device 65W chip that has been around for some time and increases the chances of getting it at a decent price all the more likely. The 6 cores 12 wires VFM processor is a good choice for this version. However, keep in mind that overclocking headroom can be an issue.

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ZOTAC GeForce RTX 2060

The RTX 2060 card with 6 GB synchronization of the on-board video memory 14,000 MHz is one of the must-have GPUs in this price segment, especially after the market correction. It sits above the 1660s and 1660s with higher steam processors at 1920. Turing architecture means it supports the latest Laser tracing and AI-powered supersampling.

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Tomahawk MSI MAG B550

Compatible with AMD’s B550 and Intel’s H470 and B460, this mid-range piece of motherboard does more than a job done. This is a great choice for a gaming PC under seventy thousand. it makes sport 2 M.2 slots and one Realtek RTL8125B chip up 2.5 Gb / s Internet speeds. It also features 6 USB ports with up to 10 GB / s flow and 2 3.5 mm jack sockets (front and rear). With a scattering of new and old tech supports, MSI MAG B550 becomes a compelling buy.

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Corsair Vengeance LPX 2 x 8 GB

I prefer to go for a split configuration when it comes to RAM. I would take 2 memory sticks instead of one. Speaking of the Vengeance LPX, this is a neat and simple looking DIMM devoid of all the RGB frills. But that more than makes up for it in terms of performance. The single-threaded bandwidth figure of 15.45 Gb / s is the best and it performs very well. This makes it a perfect fit for our gaming PC.

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Master cooler MWE 750 Bronze V2

For a little juice, I will resort to the Cooler Master MWE 750 Bronze V2. The power unit here is on the top side, which means it can give you some wiggle room for future upgrades. The 80 PLUS Bronze efficiency means you get a claimed efficiency of around 85%. 1200mm HDB fan, DC to DC circuit design and active power factor correction are other features to look forward to.

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Ant Esports ICE-120AG Medium Tower Game Cabinet

To house all of the above components in our gaming PC build, we go for the Ant Esports ICE-120AG Mid Tower Game Cabinet. It is a simple looking cabinet, it is not too expensive. The metallic finish and RGB panel on the front complement the exposed sides showcasing your internals. Support for 120mm fans, two GPUs, dedicated SSD support, 3 shopping carts, easy cable management, magnetic dust protection and spacious compartments make it our image.

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This is where our budget technically ends and these are all the components you will need to be up and running. But I took the liberty of adding a few peripheral suggestions that might prove useful.

Acer Nitro 23.8 inch 165 Hz monitor

This monitor’s IPS panel offers good viewing angles while still delivering a decent 165Hz refresh rate. FreeSync support and G-Sync compatibility keep it from ripping the screen. For our viewing requirement of our gaming PC build, the Acer Nitro should be a good choice.

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Logitech G213 Prodigy Gaming Keyboard

It’s impossible to get cheap mechanical keyboards, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get a decent keyboard experience. The Logitech G213 is a great place to start. It looks decent, has an extended palm rest, and also has RGB backlighting with regional customization options.

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Logitech G402 Hyperion Fury

The rugged little gaming mouse from the house of Logitech offers plenty of performance, especially for FPS enthusiasts. Ergonomic design, customizable buttons, and low latency all work in this pick’s favor. If so, the mouse is a little heavier.

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This perfectly complements our Rs. 70,000 gaming PC build. Again, now is not exactly the right time to give up your money to put together a gaming PC right now given the market scenario and prices. exorbitant.

Tell us what you think of our gaming PC built under Rs. 70,000. Would your hardware choices be different for putting together a gaming PC on the same budget? Let us know in the comments!

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