Best Alienware Gaming PC Guide: All The Best Desktops Compared


Alienware gaming PCs are world famous. The brand is well known for its top-notch machines, and these take the stress out of building your own rig – they’re pre-built and ready to go. Well-established and with a long line of familiar-looking models, the new models have only continued this trend of pre-built, pre-assembled power that’s ready to go straight out of the box – all with an eye-catching design. . They’re unlike anything else on the market right now, and best of all, they’re cleverly put together to make upgrades or DIY as easy as possible, despite the unusual and quirky designs.

An Alienware gaming PC of any variant, build, or strip will deliver some of the best gaming experiences and performance that only the best gaming PC competitors can deliver. Put simply, if you’re looking for a pre-built juggernaut, we don’t think you could go wrong at all with an Alienware PC – it’ll be a real treat, and your setup will improve quickly.

That’s why we’ve listed the best Alienware gaming PCs and their latest lowest prices below; As well as highlighting the top models you need to watch out for, we’ve also listed the sales, discounts, and bargains you can’t miss.

Best Alienware Gaming PC

Alienware Aurora R12

(Image credit: Alienware / Dell)

1. Alienware Aurora R12

The best Alienware gaming PC

Reasons to buy

+Cool design+Up to RTX 3090 GPU+Latest Intel processors

The Aurora R12 gaming computer is Alienware’s latest and greatest – need we say more? Basically, in short, this is the model to go for if you want to build your own Alienware gaming PC and make sure it has the latest equipment in it.

Sporting the latest 30 series graphics cards from Nvidia to deliver best-in-class performance along with the benefits of the latest ray tracing, DLSS and more, these beasts will present your games to you at their best. (No pun intended.) Combined with the latest Intel processors, you can be sure that the power and capacity of PCs will be simply impressive and be able to handle whatever is thrown at them.

You’ll also have a great choice to support components with up to a ridiculous amount of storage and RAM on offer. The R12 is truly the best Alienware gaming PC you can buy, and while it’s a big investment, you won’t regret what you get out of it.

Alienware Aurora R12 | Official site
It is the latest and already very popular Alienware gaming PC. The R12, naturally, crams into the latest and greatest components, and given the rarity of those, it’s a surefire way to get yourself a top upgrade or a new platform.

best gaming computer: Alienware Aurora r11

(Image credit: Dell)

2. Alienware Aurora R11

The next best Alienware gaming PC

Reasons to buy

+Eye-catching design+Liquid-cooled GPUs available+Latest Intel processors

The all-new Aurora R11 brings Alienware to the next generation of gaming; along with the latest generation of Intel processors and the option of liquid-cooled graphics cards, it offers a variety of versions to suit most budgets. If you want to get started in PC gaming for the first time or want to upgrade your existing setup – maybe with a view to laser tracing games – this is a great way to do it.

Ranging from affordable boot platforms to pimped super PCs, the Aurora R11 offers a good balance of choices. Best of all, these desks can be easily opened and upgraded with different parts according to your needs. Want more RAM or a bigger SSD? No problem. As the power supply swivels on a metal arm, you have more space to manipulate the interior of the PC.

The design of the R11 also builds on the already attractive R9. While it stays true to the distinctive case and hollowed-out front of its predecessor, this update enriches that formula with new lighting around the center band in some cases. It’s an addition that turns heads and makes the design even more futuristic than before.

Note: with the arrival of the R12, this may be more difficult to achieve now – but not impossible!

Alienware Aurora R11 | Official site
Interested in an Alienware Aurora R11? The official Dell website should be your first port of call. While it doesn’t offer significant discounts, you will be able to choose which components you want to create to create a version that fits your budget.

Alienware Gaming PC: Alienware R10

(Image credit: Alienware / Dell)

3. Alienware Aurora Ryzen R10

The best AMD Alienware gaming PC

Reasons to buy

+Attractive design+Intelligent ventilation system+Lots of configurations available

If you’d rather build your Alienware gaming PC with a Ryzen-based foundation, the Aurora Ryzen R10 is where you should start. It’s almost identical to the R9 listed above – with all the perks that come with it – but opts for an AMD-centric version instead of the Intel alternatives. Depending on the components you choose, it’s a reliable way to get your hands on ray tracing and groom the next generation.

As usual with Alienware gaming PCs, a range of specifications are available; you can opt for smaller processors or do it all with a liquid-cooled power plant. Whichever version you get, it is possible to swap out or add new components. It might not be as easy as other platforms thanks to the R10’s unique housing, but customization is still possible.

You won’t mind working around the R10 chassis. It’s a head-turning design that’s unlike anything else on the shelves right now, offering a recessed front that doubles as an air vent. A gray or white color scheme with minimal RGB then ties the look together.

Alienware Gaming PC: Alienware R9

(Image credit: Alienware / Dell)

4. Alienware Aurora R9

The best mid-range Alienware gaming PC

Reasons to buy

+Subtle and elegant design+Indented front+Wide range of configurations available

Now not the most recent Aurora PC, if you can still find an R9 it just might offer the best balance of value, performance and price right now. Just be aware that it may well be completely removed from where you are now.

As an update to the popular R8, the Aurora R9 comes out with a variety of builds, a killer design, and everything you need to prepare for the future for the next generation of gaming. Do you want ray tracing? It’s your entry ticket for sure – depending on the components you choose, of course.

This is because – as usual – a range of versions are available. Low, high and medium specifications are offered by Dell and beyond; you should be able to find an R9 that works for you regardless of your budget. Because there is space in the chassis to add or swap components as you see fit, this PC is also an investment that you can keep adding in the future. When something costs several hundred dollars or pounds, such versatility is important.

You also won’t mind having the R9 case for the long haul. It is both practical and distinctive, with a curved look reminiscent of the PS5. There is also a clever mix of form and function; the recessed front also serves as the PC vent, with air being sucked in and passing through the rest of the system.

Alienware Aurora R9 | View on Amazon
If you want an Aurora R9 this is the best place to go. There are several versions and components to choose from, so you can choose the version that suits you. You might not get the lowest prices, but you will be able to dictate which processor and graphics card you go with.
UK Store: Alienware Aurora R9 Official Offers See the offer

Alienware Gaming PC: Alienware R8

(Image credit: Alienware / Dell)

5. Alienware Aurora R8

The best entry-level Alienware gaming PC

Reasons to buy

+Not too expensive +Elegant design+Swing arm power supply

Stepping back even further than the R9 above, the Aurora R8 still does the job of being an entry-level machine (for Alienware) beautifully despite its few years. In fact, it was top of the line before the R9 came along as a conquering hero. Well stocked with variants to suit a variety of budgets, the R8 is still versatile; it’s easy to open up for upgrades.

As for the latter, the R8 has a few smart quality-of-life touches. For example, a power “arm” allows you to rotate the power supply to make room for new graphics cards or RAM without having to detach cables. And since there are two full PCIe lanes, five storage drive slots, and enough space for 64GB of DDR4 RAM, there’s plenty of room for further improvement.

Overall, it’s a good place to start if you want to get your hands on a good Alienware gaming PC that doesn’t need high-end components. Its age means that there are also more great deals to be had.

Why Buy an Alienware Gaming PC or Laptop?

Alienware Gaming PC

(Image credit: Dell)

At first glance, an Alienware gaming PC may seem overpriced – you’d be justified in calling it the “Apple” of gaming. However, they earn this award because of their accessibility, ease of use, and smart design that makes them feel good. distinguish it from other manufacturers.

Along with fierce technical capabilities that allow them to perform at their best in today’s games, Alienware gaming PCs come out of the box and out of the box. This means you don’t need to bother with building or debugging – the job is done for you. In other words? Plug it in and start playing.

Fortunately, Alienware is keen to make sure that there is something that fits your budget as well. The official site lists a variety of versions with different costs, allowing you to choose what you want. What if you decided you should have gone for more power down the line? It’s pretty easy to open the case and perform these upgrades yourself. Generally, Alienware gaming PCs are designed for easy (and often tool-free) expansion.

Want more options? We have what you need. We’ve rounded up all of the best gaming PC options on the market, in case you want to shop around a bit, as well as the best brands of gaming laptops for those who want to play on the go. You’ll also find guides on the best gaming mouse, best gaming keyboard, and best gaming monitor if you refresh all of your setup as well.

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