Best 12th Gen Intel DDR5 Gaming PC November 2021


The 12th generation of Intel processors is finally here, with the new Z690 chipset and DDR5 memory to match. It’s truly an exciting time for PC enthusiasts and gamers alike, with new hardware delivering in-game FPS benefits and improved workstation performance. To celebrate this release, we’re rounding up the best 12th Gen Intel DDR5 gaming PC available, giving you a system that can play any game, in any resolution, at max settings.

12th Gen Intel Gaming Performance

Initial benchmark data shows that 12th Gen Intel’s gaming performance not only beats AMD’s current series, but also blows past Intel’s previous generation. It was never really worth upgrading from 10th Gen to 11th Gen, but now, especially with DDR5 memory, it’s time to upgrade if you want the best.

12th Generation Intel Workstation Performance

Currently, data shows that Intel now offers the best workstation performance in the desktop market. Of course, when AMD returns to the table, we’re expecting big things, but for now, a Core i9-12900K will give you some of the best gaming and workstation performance you can get.

We’ll show our results below, comparing the Intel Core i9-12900K to its predecessor and the Ryzen 9 5900X.

Benchmark performance against AMD Ryzen 9 5900X

We tested the Intel Core i9-12900K processor with similar spec parts and a RTX-3090 to show you the comparison between Intel 12th Gen and Ryzen 5000.

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