Arc8 Trending NFT Gaming app with over 32,000 players


According to Dapp Ranking, Arc8 is the #1 blockchain game of the week, with over 32,000 active users after the launch of Season 1.

Arc8 is going through its first season, the platform’s growth is increasing rapidly, and among them, the platform’s native token $GMEE jumped 42% in the past few days and is now priced around $0.15.

Season 1 started seven days ago on February 1 and will last until March 31. But that’s not all, as Arc8 announced its roadmap before the launch of the first season. Let’s take a look!

Season 1

The first two weeks will be considered a pre-season, where Arc8 will include and test new changes in the platform to launch the first season smoothly.

What will change throughout the season?

  • A new game: Tube runner
  • Qualification: Each game will have its own qualification system, with players completing seven matches. Winning will give you a higher rank in the leaderboard.
  • 2.0 Anti-cheat: Priority to not having cheaters for a fair gaming experience.
  • Skylords Tournaments: Only G-Bot owners will have the chance to participate in this tournament, remaining available throughout the first season.


The pre-season will last until February 14 and will include the following changes.

  • Credits reset: All players will have their balance reset to 250 credits in order to practice for the whole season.
  • A new matchmaking system: Tournaments are now divided by rank.
  • $GMEE Daily Tasks: Now you can earn $GMEE with practice matches.
  • Sponsored tournaments: use your credits to compete for $GMEE in daily tournaments.

Main season

After February 14, the primary season will begin!

  • $GMEE Matches and Tournaments are back! Use your $GMEE to earn even more tokens!
  • Rank progression: play $GMEE matches to rank up on the leaderboard and access higher $GMEE rewards.
  • Ranking of the season: Top ranked players in each game will have access to huge $GMEE rewards at the end of the season.

The rewards

  • Token Tournaments: $100,000 GMEE
  • G-Bots Sky Lords Tournaments: $400,000 GMEE
  • Season Token Leaderboard Rewards: $550,000 GMEE for top 1,100 players (top 100 in each game)
  • Total: $1,050,000 GMEE

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