Apple blocks Valve’s new Steam mobile game app

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A few weeks ago, Valve announced that it would launch the ability to play games on your smartphone by streaming them through its Steam Link app. While Valve already offers a set-top box to perform this type of function, the ability to use your pre-existing router (as long as it meets certain specifications) was a big step forward and the kind of feature PC gamers have come to expect. all types could appreciate. For now, however, it looks like this perk will only be available to Android users. Apple is refusing to approve Valve’s Steam Link app for iOS, and Valve isn’t sure what the problem is.

Valve released a bottleneck statement, saying, “On Wednesday, May 9, Valve released app news. The next morning, Apple revoked its approval citing trade disputes with the app’s guidelines that were apparently not realized by the original review team.

It’s unclear why Apple would refuse to accept the app or why it would view this as a conflict with Apple’s existing business. Apple does not have a device to play Steam games on and has not publicly discussed such a product. Like Kotaku Remarks, there is a certain irony in Valve, whose own policies on allowed content have often been unclear and vague, being stuck in a situation where it has been prevented from submitting its own application to a platform for reasons unclear and vague. But more generally, it is clear that this kind of game change is simply becoming a standard feature, not only with one vendor, but across the industry.

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Dedicated streaming boxes are so 2016.

Take a step back and consider the market at large. Nvidia offers both a game streaming service and the ability to stream games from a GeForce-equipped computer to another device. Valve has Steam Link, a device that can perform this task in hardware. Microsoft will stream Xbox One games to a Windows 10 PC. Sony will stream PS4 titles to PlayStation Vita. Nintendo pioneered this capability with the Wii U, and while the Switch doesn’t have a streaming feature as such, the very idea of ​​the device as a handheld and home console. Moored is inherently based on the idea that you can take a gaming session and walk around the house with it. And since the Wii U tablet included early support for this concept, we’re still going to give Nintendo a nod for this feature.

Even supporters of game streaming will admit that technology is often hampered by the tedious reality of poor Wi-Fi range, low signal strength, interference from other networks and roommates or members of the community. family who forget to reduce their download bandwidth when downloading torrents. But despite these real-world limitations, local game streaming just isn’t a crazy idea or a distant feature. The Steam Link app’s ability to stream to smartphones and tablets may not be used that much – I’m not claiming to know how many people actually intend to use the option to stream to various devices. whether made by Apple or any other company. But it is clear that this is a feature that companies have decided to offer, in various ways, to their customers.

And it’s not hard to see why. In a world where 5G and next-gen wireless standards are paving the way for gigabit connections, why should games be limited to just a single room where the hardware is physically located? Giving people the ability to stream games opens the way for more flexible enjoyment of a hobby and a greater range of configuration options. The future is already here, and Apple is tackling Valve’s Steam Link isn’t going to change that. If anything, this will be just another reason for gamers to prefer other products if they care about game streaming.

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