Amazing water-cooled bioluminescent gaming PC shines


If you are interested in building a water cooled PC, you might be interested in this unique version featured on the Linus Tech Tips website that uses a standard water cooling system with BioLight technology to make the device shine. PC in the dark using bioluminescence. The light is generated from Nyoka BioLight technology, which has been developed to provide bright, durable and stable lighting. Watch the video below to learn more about the Bioluminescent Gaming PC created by Linus.

Water-cooled bioluminescent gaming PC

“The light is generated from our BioLight technology, which we have developed to be bright, durable and stable. Our currently available system glows bright blue (~ 480nm) for over 30 minutes. When you’re ready to activate the light, bend the wand to engage the inner case, just like an old-fashioned glow stick. Shake and enjoy the glow! “

“We also offer BioLight single fillers if you’d rather find the best ship for them to shine on your own. As you may have seen, even computers were lit this way, as well as some experiments at NASA! We have formulated each individual BioLight load to be optimized for a 10ml container – just add one load per 10ml.

Source: LLT: Nyoka


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