“Adoraboos” is a game application to stimulate home learning


Courtesy of My Dream Interactive

Are children stuck in virtual learning? The “Adoraboos” app teaches test preparation, computer skills, math and more with games and unlockable items.

Adoraboos is a multi-level interactive educational game application for ios and google play developed by the California-based application development studio My interactive dream. The game is intended to complement home learning at a time when students across the country are doing their best to adjust to online education.

Adoraboos is free and features a selection of mini-games across an “ever-growing collection of learning modules” to encourage player-students of all ages to “learn through play and repetition,” the website reads .

Allison Huynh, Founder and CEO of My Dream Interactive, described the goal of the project:

“As a mom and entrepreneur, I have devoted a lot of my work to providing educational play tools for children, and I am so excited to present The Adoraboos – a fun and creative learning tool that can help in solving the current education crisis so much students prepare to stay at home instead of returning to their school campus. “

You can check out a trailer here:

How it works

Players are given a cuddly little monster called Adoraboo to chaperone them through the app. At the end of mini-games like Word Dragger and Decipher, players participate in an Adorabattle. The victorious Adoraboo has the chance to win fun cosmetics, like hats and clothes.

An Adoraboo, image courtesy of theadoraboos.com.

The subjects currently offered to students include:

  • SAT preparation
  • SSAT / ISEE preparation
  • Children’s vocabulary
  • Networking
  • Computers
  • Cyber ​​security
  • Mathematics
  • Durability
  • Block chain
  • Social and emotional learning

Some of these topics, you will notice, are quite modern. Blockchain, for example, is vital to understanding cryptocurrency like bitcoin, which interested analysts keep talking about as a disruptive technology for the future. The Adoraboos The website describes social and emotional learning, or SEL, as “a method of promoting holistic child development by teaching students skills such as self-regulation, perseverance, empathy, self-awareness. and mindfulness “.

What do you think of an app like this? Do you have children at home who would benefit from it? Comments below!

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