12 important things to consider before buying a gaming PC


Most people are not new to assessing how much storage they need for a new device. After all, we’re constantly choosing between storage amounts on smartphones, tablets, and laptops, so most of us know how much storage we’re using now and how much we plan to use in the future.

With a gaming PC in particular, investing in the right amount of storage from the start is essential. Most PCs, whether you built them or bought them pre-built, will allow you to add additional storage, either internally or externally. But it’s so much easier and less stressful not having to buy more storage because you don’t have enough room to download a new game or you have to delete old photos and videos to make room for news.

Here are some tips for choosing the amount of storage you need. First, if you already have a laptop or desktop computer, consider how much storage you currently have and how much you’re using. Next, look at the file size for your most frequently played games and use that as an idea of ​​how much storage you’ll need for your existing games as well as future games you buy that will likely be the same size download.

Internal storage is relatively inexpensive, even if you opt for an SSD over an HDD, so most people often use 1TB as a starting point. For gaming PCs, an SSD is always going to be worth the extra expense as it loads games much faster and is less noisy while gaming as it contains no moving parts.

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